Abecassis VSOP Cognac Grande Champagne 40% 70Cl

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A new range of ABK6 Cognacs: ABECASSIS Grande Champagne!

Produced exclusively on their exceptional vineyards, located in the prestigious Grande Champagne area, this range has been elaborated with a single obsession: to reach the perfection of the “Single Estate”, where strength and subtlety are combined in this precious bottle.

An ode to the history of a land that feeds its guardian angels.

This range honors the work of nature, the journey from earth to heaven that eaux-de-vie make during their aging, symbolized by the angel wings, subtly drawn on our bottles.

This VSOP Grande Champagne has been aged in new barrels for 6 to 8 months, then in red and old barrels for several years. A very mature VSOP, with the beautiful typicity of its terroir.

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