Armagnac Darroze Chateau de Gauble 1972 43% 70Cl

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Darozze Armagnac Unique collection Millesime 1972 43%

About 10 miles outside of Labastide-d’Armagnac, the centre of Armagnac country, you will find the village of Perquie in Landes. This is where Château de Gaube looks after its vines on behalf of the Darroze estate. The Morel family, originally from Switzerland, have been putting all their expertise to use here since 1956.
Baco, the hybrid variety of Folle Blanche and American Noah, is favoured here, mainly because it is more resistant to disease than its parent Folle Blanche while retaining all of its wonderful flavours.
Distilled using a traditional Armagnac still and then aged in large oak barrels for many years, this Armagnac contains beautiful notes of cooked fruit, toast and sweet spices.

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