Daftmill 2010 Winter Batch Release 46% 70Cl


Daftmill is a farm distillery, owned and run by the Cuthbert family, who grow all of the barley used in their whisky on-site. The distillery is only operational during the farm’s quiet periods in mid-summer and mid-winter, sometimes producing as few as 100 casks per year. The distillery was granted its license in 2005, but not in a hurry to rush out their product, it was 2018 before their inaugural release. This patience and dedication to their craft has won the distillery an army of passionate fans, among collectors and connoisseurs alike.
The barley variety Publican was grown in the 43ac field and was harvested by John and Sandy on the 28th & 29th August 2009. It was then dried and stored on the farm to be malted in Alloa during the summer of 2010.
The whisky that went into this bottling came from twenty-five first fill ex bourbon barrels, which were filled in November & December 2010. Then stored in Daftmill’s dunnage warehouse until bottling in 2023.

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