Douglas Laing’s Probably Orkney’s Finest 16 Years 48.4% 70Cl

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Nose: a mix of oily notes, wet gravel and warm wax, mixed with HP’s trademark honey sweetness. A whiff of smoke and an earthy, almost farmy edge. Peaches. Some creamy vanilla and spice from the oak.

Mouth: perfect strength, with a nice oily texture. Starting on spicy and herbal notes before it moves into bright and sparkling fruity notes. Pink grapefruit, apples, sweet lemons. Hints of hay, ginger and nutmeg. Salty touches as well, like salted caramel.

Finish: medium, on herbal notes, citrus and late chocolate.

All good: a pretty classic middle-aged Highland Park offering nice fruity notes and really good value for money.

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