English Harbour Rum Coeur De Savalle Pure Copper Expression 73.6% 70Cl

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‘Eight years ago, our Cellar Master decided to experiment ageing our Molasses Spirit in uncharred casks. After almost a decade and a long quiet evolution under our specific Antiguan tropical climate, the result was amazing: the rum matured to represent a jewel of purity even at pure strength. The entire team was speechless in front of such aroma, integrity and the elegance of the spirit.’

‘To honour his vision, we took the decision to bottle straight from the barrel without any blending intervention, respecting the initial Cellar Master’s inspiration in creating a unique one time bottling of our CDS. Fur such reasons, we consider this Coeur de Savalle Rum as the pure representation of our French Savalle Rectification Column, a true copper expression’.

Bottled: January 2020

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