Glen Elgin- Glenlivet 13 Years Cadenhead 46% 70Cl

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Manzanilla Finish

13 years old whisky from cadenheads collection

On the nose, this whisky presents notes of gingerbread, brass, cherries, and red apples, with underlying hints of walnuts, damp copper, orange peel, and honeyed oats.

As it breathes, a creaminess emerges, offering aromas of toffee and hot chocolate.On the palate, this whisky is nicely balanced, featuring flavors of strawberry jelly sweets, toffee, wood spice, and gentle chocolate notes. Sultanas and whipped cream are present, and a walnut whip note comes through nicely.

I enjoyed this, a whisky that caters to the preferences of those with any level of experience. And, it may even satisfy the connoisseurs with a discreet pour.

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