Glenburgie – Glenlivet 13 Years Cadenhead 46% 70Cl

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1 years on port cask after 2 years on bourbon casks

On the nose, the aroma evokes old tobacco, aged wood, and a hint of chilli flakes. Subtle notes of heather, gorse, marzipan, and hazelnuts round out the scent.

In the mouth, the flavors of tobacco and rubber are accented by the crispness of red apples and the earthiness of pencil shavings. Red liquorice, grapefruit, tomato, and Highland toffee are present alongside cherries, clay-like plums, and raisins.

In my opinion, the overall taste of this combination lacks balance and cohesion, with some flavours dominating and others appearing disjointed in places. It is not excessively sweet, a factor that some individuals appreciate. Fun to experiment with, but not a product I would buy.

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