Kingsbarns Falkland 46% 70Cl

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Kingsbarns Falkland has been distilled from barley sourced less than six miles from the Kingsbarns Distillery. Our limited release single malt has enjoyed maturation in two types of casks, maintaining balance and developing complexity.

Production Director Isabella Wemyss has carefully selected a combination of Ex-Bourbon and STR (shaved, toasted and re-charred) ex-Portuguese red wine casks to mature Falkland. The spirit comprises of 80% first fill ex-Bourbon barrels and 20% STR red wine casks to add another dimension to the whisky. This is an interesting take on our usual distillery style by ramping up our STR influence. This introduces greater warming spice notes, red fruits and even some chocolatey notes into the equation.

The inspiration for Falkland is in our name. Kingsbarns derives from the barns in the local villages that stored the grain for the Royal Castle at Crail and the Palace at Falkland back in the 12th century, so it’s especially fitting to pay homage with Falkland Single Malt as it encapsulates our unique location and historical roots.

Full of sweet, fruity character, Falkland is redolent with berry sweetness and subtle warming spices.

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